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Executive Summaries


Dexamphetamine Substitution as a Treatment of Amphetamine Dependence: a Two-Centre Randomised Controlled Trial (PDF) - John Merrill, Andrew McBride

The effectiveness and cost effectiveness of cognitive behaviour therapy for opiate misusers in methadone maintenance treatment: a multicentre, randomised, controlled trial
(PDF) - Colin Drummond

Pilot UK-Injectable Methadone Trial (Pilot UK-INJECT) (PDF) - Gerry Stimson

A national epidemiological study of comorbid substance abuse and psychiatric illness in primary care between 1993-1998 using the General Practice Research Database
(PDF) - Martin Frischer

Comorbidity in the National Psychiatric Morbidity Surveys
(PDF) - Michael Farrell

Co-morbidity of Substance Misuse and Mental Illness Collaborative Study (COSMIC)
(PDF) - Tim Weaver

Dual Diagnosis in A Primary Care Group (PCG), (100,000 Population Locality): A Step-By-Step Epidemiological Needs Assessment and Design of a Training and Service Response Model
(PDF) - Geraldine Strathdee

Waiting for Drug Treatment: Effects on Uptake and Immediate Outcome
(PDF) - Michael Donmall

Randomised clinical trial of the effects of time on a waiting list on clinical outcomes in opiate addicts awaiting out-patient treatment
(PDF) - David Best, John Strang

Accessing Drug Services: Needs and Views of Drug Service Users
(PDF) - Jan Moring

The Psychosocial Consequences of Drugs Misuse: A Systematic Review of Longitudinal Studies
(PDF) -John Macleod

An evaluation of a brief assessment led intervention for young non-injecting drug users (PDF) - John Marsden, Garry Stillwell

Preteens and Illegal Drugs: Use, Offers, Exposure and Prevention
(PDF) - Neil McKeganey

Long-Term Heavy Cannabis Use
(PDF) - Niall Coggans


Barriers to the effective treatment of injecting drug users (pdf) - Joanne Neale

Early Exit: Estimating and explaining early exit from drug treatment (pdf) - Alex Stevens, Polly Radcliffe

User involvement in efforts to improve the quality of drug misuse services: factors that promote and hinder successful working (pdf) - Sue Patterson, Mike Crawford

Cost and cost effectiveness of treatment as usual in drug misuse services (pdf) - Duncan Raistrick, Gillian Tober, Christine Godfrey, Steve Parrott

Young people's views and experiences of specialist substance misuse services (pdf) - Jenny Graham, Jane Lewis

Interventions for children and young people with drug-misusing carers (pdf) - Judy Corlyon and Daniel Clay

An Evaluation of a Brief Intervention Model for use with Young Non-Injecting Stimulant Users
(pdf) - John Marsden, Garry Stillwell

Interventions for children and families where there is parental drug misuse (pdf) - Brynna Kroll and Andy Taylor

Good practice in working with family members affected by drug problems: disseminating and evaluating a model and methods in two Black and minority ethnic communities in Birmingham (pdf) - Jim Orford

Report of a National Study of Care Co-ordination in Drug Treatment Services (NatSOCC) (pdf) - Tim Weaver