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The Department of Health Policy Research Programme

The Department of Health invests in research to support government objectives for public health, health services and social care, as well as contributing to the government science strategy. The Policy Research Programme undertakes development and evaluation in public health, health services and social care in order to ensure that policy is based on reliable evidence of needs. The Head of the PRP is Dr Sandra Williams.

The Drug Misuse Research Initiative

The Drug Misuse Research Initiative (DMRI)
is a £3.8 million programme of research over the years 2000-2009. It comprises 24 studies in the areas of drug treatment and prevention and aims to deliver research-based evidence to underpin the development and delivery of effective services and interventions in the field of drug misuse.

The DMRI is co-ordinated by Professor Susanne MacGregor. The Programme Co-ordinator's role is to monitor the scientific progress and policy relevance of the research projects and facilitate communication and dissemination of findings.